Mercedes Miranda

Director- General.


Director-General. Mercedes Miranda Rosario holds a teaching degree majoring in English from the University of Extremadura. She completed her post graduate studies in Management and the Organization of Cultural Entities from the Open University of Catalunya.
An AECOP Certified Executive Coach (Spanish Association of Coaching and Process Consulting), she has also completed graduate studies in audiovisual production with UIP.
Mercedes jointly formed her own company, Creative Communication Training and EMO.SC in 2007.  The company’s main objectives were the design and implementation of specialist communication training courses to develop and enhance creativity. Her clients included; the GIJ, Development of entrepreneurs, Fundecyt, Department of Innovation Ayto Caceres, CECAP, among others.
Mercedes has a strong background in stage and the arts collaborating with the Festival of Classical Theatre at the Grand Theatre Cáceres specializing in the production and distribution of stage and theatre productions. Her expertise in Cultural Management was key to her role coordinating and production of the internationally renowned ‘Womad Festival’ in Spain.
As an artist she has worked nationally and internationally touring extensively in Argentina, Chile and Japan among others. Mercedes received the Breakthrough Award in 2004 at the St. Pancras Spanish Film Festival Cáceres.